Introducing: “The Item Shop!”

UntitledWelcome, NPCs!

This blog has just hit our 100th post recently and there are already big changes afoot. The Well-Red Mage blog has always been about providing in-depth reviews and critiques for video games from any era and system with a focus both on objective grading and subjective opinion. We do hope that our reviews have helped our readers to determine which games are worth their time and which games will be most enjoyable for their style.

Today, we are introducing our newest feature: the Item Shop! We have partnered with one of the largest online markets,, to bring you the most efficient way to locate these games and purchase them for yourself. You can visit our Shop and browse through the Amazon catalog right from our homepage. You’ll certainly run across the following buttons in our reviews:



Now, if you like the game you just read about, you can seal the deal and play it for yourself. Special sales, digital purchases, classic retro games, consoles, physical copies, advance orders are all available. Instantly. You can now support both this blog and Amazon with your video gaming purchases. Our affiliate program with them both drives more traffic to and ensures that The Well-Red Mage has more opportunity to do what we do best: review some games!

We’re very excited to take this next step in the evolution of our gaming blog and we’re glad to be able to assist in making game pricing and purchasing more of a fluid process. As always, thank you for your continued support. Don’t forget to check out our Item Shop to link specifically to Amazon’s gaming catalog. There may just be a blue potion or deku shield in there with your name on it.

The Well-Red Mage & The White Out Mage whiteoutmage  Red Mage left


(*Note: The Well-Red Mage blog is not a business or commercial website, is not a seller, and shopping is hosted and completed through Any issues with purchases must be taken to Amazon and the seller.)





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